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Feeling grateful, sending love 💕 have a great weekend !

🥇World Cup 3! So happy to finish the World Cup block with a win in Tacen #slovenia ❤️ Thank you so much for your support & messages the last few weeks! Well done @vikiwolffhardt & @evykayak 👏🏽 . 📸Bence Vekassy & Sasa Pahic Szabo

6th place today in K1. I didn’t manage to piece together the run I wanted at the finish, but I can be proud of the way I fought to get to that final! It’s always a challenge racing in Bratislava, but it’s what I love too!☺️ C1 semi tomorrow! . well done to @canoe_conni , @luukajones & @ricarda_funk 👏🏽 . @kim_jones_photography

Back on the start line tomorrow- One eye on the next race 👀! World Cup 2 in Bratislava, Slovakia this weekend... let’s go! 📷

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Starting the season with a bronze medal 🥉 in London at World Cup 1! Happy to be on the podium today. Well done @mallorysfranklin 🥇 & @ricarda_funk 🥈👌🏾 C1 tomorrow! Thanks for your support 🥰 .📷 Bence Vekassy

Brace for impact ➡️SWIPE➡️🥴😵🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Left a nice hole in the bollards at the last drop, but qualified for the semi! Here’s to some better lines tomorrow... 📷 Jean Yves Prigent

Doing what I love on my birthday... didn’t even hit any gates with my badge 😂! 25 today 🙈and celebrating a quarter of a century with the fam, @auspaddleteam and friends from around the world as we get ready for World Cup 1 in London! Thanks for the bday love 🥰

When you’re trying to be serious but your dimples give you away. Always something to smile about, love what I do 🥰 ... Slash how weird are dimples 😂 google tells me it’s a defect in facial muscle - the dimples are believed to be caused by a divide in the large muscle in the side of your face, which is normally all in one piece.🤔who else has dented facial muscles? 📷 @callan_grady

Got some PB’s in the gym, and then got punished by @nickpez36 😅🥵 💪🏽here’s a little core burner we finished on! #thisisnotacutegymvid #sweatymess 1️⃣sled pulls in plank position x2 2️⃣rollouts (I’m trying to improve from standing but you can try kneeling) 3️⃣hanging L-Sit rotations for 20 X 3 sets . #fitness #gym #coreworkout #strengthtraining #training #strengthtrainingforwomen #femaleathlete #atmospherehfc @atmospherehfc @womenshealthaus @ausolympicteam @redbullau

Fresh focus, same goals. 🙌🏽☀️ Ps. The first thing I saw in this picture is my failed attempt at a plait that is a birdsnest of dreadlocks😂, (although it also could look like a formal messy updo 💁🏽‍♀️ ). . I could hit a gate with that thang.

When you spend the day on a shoot and @ferraricreative makes you glam😍and then you have to go training 😅 . Great couple of days of filming, excited to see the finished product and show you the end result!

The early session has its perks! You never regret waking up early, when the sunrise lights up your training 😍 ☀️

🏃🏽‍♀️ the @wflworldrun is happening tomorrow! Sunday 5th if May, and you can run it, walk it, roll, wherever you are in the world ! I’ll be running (slowly😅) in Sydney at 9pm in the organised app run - you can join me, find a location near you or run from home with your phone and the app! It’s really cool to know in that moment that everyone around the world is running at the same time for the same mission. It’s great fun and the best part is that it all goes to finding a cure for Spinal cord injury. Hope to see you on the start line, & if you’re doing the Syd botanical gardens run come say Hi ! Check the @wflworldrun website for registration details. #worldrun #wflwr #wflworldrun

Picturesque spot for a paddle 😍 training in Catalonia looks like this. This session was all about the drills drills drills - doing the same two gates for like 40 minutes 😅 it’s a little bit like practising piano 🎹 scales #basics #canoeslalom #catalunya

The view from the top is always worth the hike 🌍Grateful for this earth, let’s act before it’s too late. . This year, I’ve made the effort to be more earth-friendly - there are simple things like getting a reusable coffee cup, not using plastic straws, eating much less meat, say no to plastic bags and bring your own, but second hand. I have a long way to go but I’m trying to educate myself and learn more about the impact I have and how to reduce it! Would love to know if you have any advice! Let’s look after this beautiful planet #gopro #earthday

Recharging before another hard week of training 🥴 hope you have a great long weekend!

It’s 0 degrees. I’m not even cold 🥶

Come for a ride in La Seu ☀️🇪🇸 . The water is icy, but the sun came out so it’s a perfect day for a paddle in this picturesque location in Spain. Those houses in the background have the best view of the course and make this one of the prettiest start lines in the world. .The course is right in the town, and in a lush green park (with lots of dogs). The World Champs will be here this year, it’s narrow, and shallow in some spots and it’s sticky and slow in others, with a good drop at the finish which makes it very technical and fiddly ! . Enjoying my training here and trying to learn as much as I can! Here’s a little POV glimpse of what I get to do everyday 😍 . . . #gopro #goproanz #toyota #givesyouwings @paddle_australia @auspaddleteam @ausolympicteam @gopro @goproanz @redbullau @toyota_aus @toyota @vajdakayaks @laseu @parcdelsegre @lampoongroup

Three days ago I was wearing short sleeves... Currently wearing three thermals, a long sleeve cag and pogies (paddling gloves) 😂 the water is icy, and that first splash to the face is enough to curb the jetlag and shock you into focus. we are sooo spoilt with the weather in Australia! Spain is freezing 🥶 and it’s meant to snow on Thursday buuuut I’m so happy to be back in La Seu and training here☺️. 📷 @aidanwilliamsphoto

Time to fly! ✈️ excited to head to Spain for a training camp ✌🏽

So honoured to win the 2018 Sportswoman of the Year at the World Paddle Awards 🥰✨ Thank you so much to the @worldpaddleawards academy and all who voted ! Well done to the other finalists and award winners! Looking forward to 2019 🌟😘