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This ankle hook contraption kinda terrifies me #trustissues hence the slow descent and constant checks to see if my feet were still holding on 😂 buuut it’s an amazing stretch. I’ve had some back niggles lately and this and some Swiss ball stretches help lengthen the spine. I’ll work up to doing some upside down sit ups eventually!

Focussed and fierce with 500 days till #tokyo2020 😍😱 Putting in the grunt work - This ain’t always pretty 😂

Celebrating the ladies #iwd19 🥰 Happy International Women’s Day. Keep dreaming big and working hard. I feel fortunate to have had some wonderful female role models. Yesterday, I spoke at the Women of the Year awards and got me thinking about the ladies I’m grateful for. Here’s one strong woman who greatly inspires me! Mamie (French for nana) taught us so much about hard work and passion - she practically raised her 7 siblings, was a single mum at one stage who worked hard to build a career as a nurse and have her own practice, she worked until she was 78 .. SEVENTY EIGHT !!!!! Because she loved it, and because she could ! She values education so much, a privilege for her to have studied... she’s now 83 and hanging out with us in Aus, and all by herself, she signed up to an online course to study and learn Hebrew, how bloody cool is she. Age is no limit and learning is for life. I aspire to have her energy and her passion, her selflessness and generosity to everyone, and her cooking skills... this will be the hardest because I swear she purposefully doesn’t give me all the steps or ingredients so it never tastes as good as hers. 😂 . If you read this far, who’s a woman who you’re grateful for and who has inspired you? . #howgreataregrandmas #internationalwomensday #educationforall #bosslady #wonderwoman

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Highlight of the weekend ! Seeing Ropes Crossing public school ‘Fox’ house out in force to cheer us on ! 📷 @jgrimages

☀️sometimes training involves repetition repetition repetition... I have done this upstream gate a thousand times, but every time is a little bit different. The goal is consistency! #canoeslalom #training #gopro

Really exciting racing by the girls today! Thrilled to win the C1, a fight to the line! Well done to @anasatila_vargas 🥈 and little sis @_noemiefox 🥉😍Papi serait fier ❤️ Thank you so much to all the officials, volunteers, sponsors and everyone who made this event possible. See you next weekend for round 2 ! 📷JGR/Caromoda/ Paddle Australia

Excited to race again! The Sydney International Whitewater festival kicks off tomorrow with the Australian Open. Racing all weekend at @penrith_whitewater free entry and hot 🔥competition with over 300 athletes from 30 countries ! 📷Mark Nolan

Recharging with the sun and the ocean, and refueling with Dave’s superfoods at @dolceterramanly ☀️😋🥦 great way to start the race week! Have a great one! ❤️

Awesome afternoon on the water with @curtmcgrath . An incredible human.. he had done some whitewater as a kid in high school, but hadn’t been back on since he lost his legs while serving in Afghanistan. We were a bit nervous, but he absolutely smashed it, he rolled a few times, and conquered the rapids! 📷 @caromoda66 & @jgrimages