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Coming of age...

7 World Championships - a whole lot of memories. Here are a few snaps !

FOIX 2010 - the first one

I can remember the anticipation of finally having the chance to race girls from all over the world, the excitement of a big french crowd, being part of my first Australian team with great friends. 

With Karolina Galuskova (CZE) and Eva Tercelj (SLO).. Junior World Champion in K1 in Foix. My first junior world championships did not disappoint!

Ali Borrows and Nuria Vilarrubla at our first junior world championships as C1 Women. Now we have different boats, different techniques, different gear, faster times and bigger smiles! 

We were there at the beginning! Mallory Franklin (u23 World Champion this year!), Hailey Thompson from USA (who we miss very much, come back to slalom!) and Jane Nicholas from NZ - this picture was snapped in Seu D'Urgell back in 2010... it's been great to race with these girls!

WARSAW 2012 - party in the USA

It was a new experience for everyone to discover Wisconsin and paddle on Warsaw course. I didn’t get off to a good start, breaking my boat, but i LOVED the company and loved racing. It is always one of the richest parts of the experience… catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a year or two. It was the lead up to the Olympic Games for me, and my most successful junior world championships with the double individual gold and a team gold with Ali borrows and Ros Lawrence! 

We had a great time in the USA. Loved meeting the fans who dressed the part! Here with Viki Wolffhardt after our K1 podium

LIPTOVSKY 2013 - the game changer

No longer a junior, racing in the U23 with the big girls! Liptovsky was a mixed bag, no final for me in K1 but a gold medal in the C1. It was most special because of the 500 athletes who took part, and the 62 C1 women who came together … an impressive statement and something i was very proud to be a part of. 

The first junior worlds for my little sis, Noemie - special to be on the same team together for the first time! Four years on, she is racing the World Championships in C1! 

PENRITH 2014 - racing at home

Teams race selfie! Another amazing world championships - and a home race! A great atmosphere, it was awesome to welcome the World to Australia to have family and friends come to support.

We had some great results with Kate Eckhardt bringing home a medal as well as some finals from other athletes. For me it was a pressure test and I was proud to win the double in K1 and C1 at home! 

FOZ DO IGUACU 2015 - coconuts, capybaras and canoeing

An adventure to the other side of the world to the exotic and chaotic city of Foz do Iguacu in Brazil. Everyone was posting pictures with parrots, sipping coconuts, and selfies at Iguacu falls. We shared the course with the Brazilian locals- capybaras (like giant guinea pigs) and an alligator! 

An awesome teams race in K1 saw us win silver! In C1 I made a big mistake and, though disappointed I was happy for my friend Nuria Vilarrubla (ESP) for winning gold in her last year of u23! Special mention to Sebas Rossi from Argentina who wowed us all with his sportsmanship and determination to race his final without his paddle after it broke at the very start (you can find his video⁠… )

As always, some great moments with friends - Proud to win the gold in K1 after a disappointing C1, with Ana Satila in silver the atmosphere was incredible! I've never heard a more excited commentator, who some of you might know as Pinto (team Brazil manager) "OH MY GOD I DON'T BELIEVE IT! LOOK THE BOAT - LOOK THE TIME!" 

Foz left us dreaming of Rio...

KRAKOW 2016 - number 10

Part of the Olympic preparation for me - the u23 world championships are more valuable than a World Cup because of the longer program, the pressure and expectation. I really enjoyed spending time with the young team AUS and discovering Krakow. 

It was very special to win another double and my 10th world title after last year's disappointing C1. Happy to share this moment with the coach and mum! 

BRATISLAVA 2017 - the last one

I am starting to feel old! I really enjoyed Bratislava - this course is impressive and powerful and I had a great time racing. The Slovaks always attract a big crowd so there was a wonderful atmosphere and Slovak domination by athletes Jakub Grigar, Marko Mirgorodsky, Eliska Mintarova, Sonia Stanovska... names we should probably remember for the future! 

Enjoying this moment, winning my 11th and my last (at least in this category :-P ) Sharing the podium with these young guns Ana Satila (Brazil) and Klaudia Zwolinska (Poland) 
In the C1 it is amazing to see the progress of the women with 78 women on the startline. In the u23 category, most of these girls are on the World Cup tour making it a very tough and experienced field. Unfortunately I had a 50 second penalty in C1 but I was still proud of my racing, and excited to see where this category is going. Congratulations to Mallory Franklin who goes out on a high! 

With the junior C1M medallists:
And the junior K1W medallists 

As a junior I knew and followed all the paddlers in the junior category who I was competing against and those in the u23 category - the ones I looked up to like Ricarda Funk and Katerina Kudejova. This year I realised that I knew hardly any of the juniors, but I was so impressed and I am excited to watch these young superstars over the next few years... until they hit the senior ranks and I'll have to watch my back!!! :) A big thank you to team AUS staff and athletes for making it a great last hurrah, and to this generation (theeee best!) of athletes, thank you for the company, the good times, the challenges, the sportsmanship, the amazing performances and for lifting the standard. See you on the river!

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